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[推荐] SolidWorks公有云3DEXPERIENCE WORKS 7天试用申请

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1 o% p: O/ l6 N" L# o
7 f, I1 v" X/ z. W. e0 |3 N6 @Are you ready to transform the way you work? You have probably been hearing a lot about our new cloud-based product development platform. Now it is time for you to find out what all the buzz is about with our 3DEXPERIENCE seven-day trial.
% R  C2 v/ M7 B* q! `3DEXPERIENCE WORKS is the next evolution in product development tools that connect your entire development process and stakeholders in the cloud, providing a unified digital product development environment that empowers a whole new way to design products.: c! F% t1 ?+ L0 _& S4 ^: U$ D
您准备好改变工作方式了吗? 您可能已经听到很多有关新的基于公有云的产品开发平台的信息。 现在,您该通过3DEXPERIENCE 7天试用版了解所有。3DEXPERIENCE WORKS是产品开发工具的下一个推进,它将您的整个开发过程和利益相关者连接到公有云中,从而提供了统一的数字产品开发环境,使您可以采用全新的产品设计方式。

& R. E4 L. w2 B4 ?* A: P
Keeping top of mind the ease of use you have all become accustomed to with SOLIDWORKS solutions, these cloud-based tools will help you collaborate, design and manage products and their corresponding data like never before.
  I' {3 {6 i* `8 _- Z6 pCollaboration. Great product ideas take flight when smart people work together. Innovation does not occur in a vacuum. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you’ll be able to easily and efficiently collaborate with colleagues and important stakeholders from anywhere and at any time and on any device.
" L8 d; B6 I6 D4 \
SOLIDWORKS解决方案使您牢记您已经习惯的易用性,这些基于公有云的工具将帮助您前所未有地协作,设计和管理产品及其相应数据。1 d6 o/ g; e' S
合作。 当聪明的人们协同工作时,伟大的产品创意便会浮出水面。创新不是凭空发生的,借助3DEXPERIENCE平台,您可以随时随地在任何设备上轻松高效地与同事和重要的利益相关者进行协作。

5 p7 ?# H2 [. S0 j" g3 A/ \
Innovation. The design tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform open up revolutionary workflow approaches with 3D Creator, featuring xDesign, as well as the ability to create complex organic shapes with the power of Sub-D modeling with 3D Sculptor, featuring xShape.
  P0 F$ N' U2 Q( `' s2 Y
革新,3DEXPERIENCE平台上的设计工具通过具有xDesign的3D Creator打开了革命性的工作流程方法,并借助具有xShape的3D Sculptor的Sub-D建模功能创建了复杂的曲面。

# b" Q( A9 U: c* L( u
Data Management. Remove the pain of managing your product and lifecycle data so you can focus on being innovative with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
5 b2 [' @. E7 s4 o: }4 B* F1 J- C" G

6 [6 p/ m9 b1 \  y
ntrigued? Well find out for yourself by registering today for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform seven-day trial. Once approved, you will get seven days of unlimited access to the design and collaboration tools on the platform, including 3D Creator (xDesign), 3D Sculptor (xShape) as well as Platform Collaboration. Your trial also includes access to 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS experts (yes, actual human beings) who will provide you with guidance and tips to ensure you maximize your seven days.

, ]* ^# a$ r+ l" e: X; `) n
激动了? 今天就注册3DEXPERIENCE平台为期7天的试用版,为自己找到答案。 一旦获得批准,您将获得7天无限制访问平台上的设计和协作工具的权限,包括3D Creator(xDesign),3D Sculptor(xShape)以及Platform Collaboration。 您的试用版还包括与3DEXPERIENCE WORKS专家(是的,实际的人)接触,他们将为您提供指导和提示,以确保您将7天的时间最大收益。
0 K* T( E* I( Q, j- n: W
申请地址:% _% z  l, r" y& L6 k
' C- g0 W6 U# }( L$ v& r0 {; k
+ W" r  A  e$ T8 C
- V7 J+ p  _* [; r
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