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[分享] Solid Edge ST7 MP08 Update (by SSQ)

发表于 2015-6-24 01:47:25 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


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It's update only!
( [. w: N, L' A. D To install it you need Solid Edge ST7 to be pteinstalled
* y3 M. |$ A1 a) u( Z- z9 J( g
" X- D0 G1 V( P! O0 Z4 @see ..\_SolidSQUAD_\readme.txt for more info
$ ~& G9 e. k! ~
8 r8 x) U! I  Ltorrent file..


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 楼主| 发表于 2015-6-24 01:48:07 | 显示全部楼层
list of fixed PR's$ b2 h& j' p4 _
/ N' W" n; c% q; t! K. v5 J
/ @4 A1 G" }3 ~( YThis Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:0 b# B+ K, o9 C" p% D. Q6 Q0 F
  T" a8 j2 F' n, j0 P) {
) K; ~9 m3 {# P" b/ \# r===API=== ( [2 M" Y2 ]# ~% ?+ P& w+ j3 a
8 F! T7 M) P7 a
PR 7368046: YouTube states it will no longer support older YouTube apps7 A4 ?. l1 k/ m" g+ u1 z2 C; T
1 a9 x5 h' R+ a/ ~0 U
: O' x  [) A. e' W. ]' |- l. F' q% x( I! O
PR 7382055: Failed relations in replace part with copy
3 {7 [, C( X+ @; h( l! [PR 7377429: Dimension on Sync cylindrical face not shown if an assembly feature modifies part
3 ?, v* e7 v/ @8 O  Y+ m1 IPR 8266419: Path edits does not cause Frame feature to update
' [( k) Q! H2 JPR 7382761: Performance issue opening an assembly file
; d$ a3 X  y, |- sPR 7400876: Animation editor does not work9 D  x3 `" i1 ?! E
5 I- T. @: G4 Z+ r' h; Y9 g
3 s8 T; h8 E- Q- v9 U3 r9 h6 V) y3 R, c  v8 l: \
PR 7316543: Wrong result when copy-paste table in draft.
2 \( D" P1 p3 o, p( c+ HPR 7332149: Callout doesn't handle Chinese + Cyrillic chars from DraftCallout.txt correctly9 c4 s1 N7 u8 B" P
PR 7384367: Parenthesis indicating reference dim are interfering with dual dimension bracket) O+ V4 f* ~( \4 O( z, y7 r
PR 7396466: Draft - Copy/paste and attempted parts list placement crashed4 i1 B4 n+ w' Q/ v: L0 J8 V
PR 7395989: Incorrect dimension scale on Import of DXF files0 K8 |" `: ~' {) A
PR 8505242: Dimension changes when opening this drawing file in SE ST70 m( s4 F4 p4 {# [
/ Q2 E8 A" Q  c, L. R; G/ h( @
===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===
7 o; O$ O9 Q1 F9 C1 k0 a
( k0 a/ c: M( V  c7 X% @PR 7387755: Solid Edge crashes after clicking cancel on warning dialog: l6 t  y4 e# e- l8 z! c$ s
PR 7399116: Hole feature problem since ST7MP7
* |! R& J/ L1 h! RPR 7280647: Smart dimension value differs from curve length about 0.5 mm
# J4 j  m5 ?! S! v1 V: {# q: y6 fPR 7405986: Solid Edge closes with 'System is Low on Memory' error8 _5 X' M, E- X2 ~

6 _9 I9 {2 x$ t% m, A0 Q0 L===Translators===
' N. t3 {1 s/ P5 ?: t. y2 g6 R- P" t. b9 f
PR 1991413: SolidEdgeTranslationServices.exe cannot run multithreaded4 N# O9 L8 D. N- M

  `3 C$ C. i4 i* r& J0 V" |2 r' A===Insight===" x% J3 L, Y- C+ W4 {+ k) ?( G

8 x5 Y" q: _7 p) z* BPR 7373760: Slow key-in in Property Manager- Insight actions during edit
  q! X/ [5 b! H' ^# xPR 7378436: Search Dialog "Results per page:" row is misaligned. B! v: K; f; u2 R
PR 2249492: Property Manager errors when changing properties of parts
" m7 L, V; k. i1 O3 WPR 7396003: Insight Free Text search returns only one file for same filename in diff folders
% I2 E% l2 @" K( D
: y1 Z4 N. H5 N% z, }' d===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===
5 M" g4 C+ y9 @" [* P7 H  G. V2 Y8 n+ Z
PR 7390126: Error during upload to SESP when unmanaged parts are inserted in a managed assembly) `; j* ^2 A3 ]
PR 7370133: Workflow with option "beliebig" (any) doesn't work on a German SESP Server( V& {( T- n. ?% F9 K4 t# [
PR 7402064: DP - Modify Tool does not create tmp file for tif files (any image file)* M( L* y* k# a, a4 f3 V& G. z
: I6 W4 M2 l7 `, G9 e1 \+ Q
===Solid Edge Embedded Client===, L* k, z! v7 j' G- b- U2 S

8 s* S1 I! X4 n+ x3 ~+ BPR 7371603: Dimensions values are rounded down with SEEC in French version' x  S7 k0 d( D( b0 P) r& `4 {
PR 8505291: Solid Edge check out SEEC license when SEEC is turn off
  U3 L: Z( V" U8 ~# I; qPR 8270039: Variables values are rounded down on FOP with SEEC in French version/ D. j( P' H+ ?0 d+ c
PR 7402020: When do not specify a variant the assembly will be blank after it is open8 p# L: t' D1 @7 i" H* }
PR 8270157: SEEC - sub-classed item type missing forms8 d" E7 |, i) P, X
PR 7408247: Change Ownership on SE Assembly doesn't change attached Form
/ Z& B7 P0 z- _; ?( s' o' Y; EPR 8271312: Material property sync causes doubled Edge.exe process3 K$ q/ R0 ^4 E& W% H- E

8 I  s# l0 q0 D: ^4 K, Y- `---* Z1 x* @0 g  g
End ) O& E* n/ ~7 ?0 Y* L
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Thank you very much ,soliduser !
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