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[分享] Solid Edge ST7 MP7 Update only (by SSQ)

发表于 2015-5-19 00:37:52 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


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To install this update you need Solid Edge ST7 to be preinstalled!$ d! e5 Y8 B# P

5 x# ]: Z7 O1 n# M% L See ..\_SolidSQUAD_\readme.txt for more info..
5 |$ \, w2 E3 ?/ [( ?
. S( m0 H, `8 t2 G3 @$ e5 ?0 {  ~ torrent file..


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 楼主| 发表于 2015-5-19 00:38:42 | 显示全部楼层
List of fixed PR's
6 k/ R3 B1 x" L0 s6 @/ ]  u
5 n; ^& A6 A( S% C! j# r: G! `8 [- C" r. e
--------------------------------------------------/ s( {7 S" V# F: {
This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:
. y0 C/ x2 ^7 j& X--------------------------------------------------
1 t6 b' _* M2 k0 ?
9 p2 ~9 T2 o0 \; t===API===   Z4 ~4 ]8 g3 ]
7 d; a0 B  z! ?3 S, I( E" w
PR 1128909: SegmentPointRelation3d.GetElement method fails on connection to other assembly# d1 s* N% X5 \1 x0 T$ z8 B
PR 7326618: API Interpart references are broken: u, k/ b& P3 e" ?! E( O- ~/ o

8 Q" I7 m! r( W( y# m===Assembly=== & r* h6 S0 P' L3 |3 {) K

3 p+ D! R9 L. ~& t7 oPR 1997310: thread feature fails in standard part screws: E% m  v7 R0 F% X% t7 d
PR 7238389: Changes in Variable Table has no effect on other depending variable
" g2 I; t6 Q' I9 {PR 7288288: Handle points of frames moved after Update all links done. i" f- I" S( D7 _1 g) s
PR 7329238: Files opening with Read Only status when they are available
% K( g, ^/ y* f) C7 i+ vPR 7340152: Relation fails in assembly
  o' ?3 t6 ~) d3 }/ wPR 7340513: Crash when editing a multiple profile assembly feature
5 T  ?6 g6 A# V# K( PPR 7347154: not getting immediate feedback indicating that relationships have failed when IPA$ v+ R- A$ Y" x5 n8 r
PR 7351598: missing assembly features when opening from Draft  k* g" j% M1 n. J+ _
PR 7360551: Subassemblies being empty when any instances are not tagged "display in higher level"
; e& F7 T6 P; o2 a+ `& h( R, |PR 7339408: Cannot download the document message in open file dialog
0 V; O) \: P9 p. M& D( gPR 7345683: File units change for legacy files in ST73 ^* M: V1 ?7 X. Q1 x5 _$ y7 \, ^
PR 7286029: The values are overridden and updated in the SE options
8 s( `, ~) v) o6 @5 rPR 7343765: Missing properties on a Family of Assemblies - Please repair file/ T( J4 ~8 j( Q
PR 8266361: System error encountered during evaluate while editing 3D sketch6 v* ^# G( q1 o6 C  g( n& J
PR 7283939: decimal places in assembly physical properties mass moment of inertia is locked
9 G" ^9 s% A' M* ]- j: l8 C- U8 mPR 7329334: Alternate Assembly previews not being correct; ]% j( W) S6 @1 P% h5 d" ]
PR 7362568: not being able to edit a failed connect relationship3 }. h4 H3 p1 o
PR 7249140: Parts disappear from the display0 J" n6 u+ D& W1 Q0 O

7 a. S5 F/ \/ D0 O===Draft=== / w9 i1 k* @" v5 X8 g5 V' p
" b- T: g$ H+ F( W( N2 O$ Z' b. s
PR 7328318: Property Text "Last printed date" will not be updated - wrong date on printout9 F) h  @! [5 g* o+ L9 V! C
PR 7234234: vertex edges were incorrectly suppressed in a section view of an assembly
5 `4 `5 j% }, b, r: ?7 YPR 7235932: 3d connection device leaves fence select artifact+ H) ^  c+ L' v& `2 J. [' j- J
PR 7335228: Opening a DFT file crashes Solid Edge  w6 T7 ~. M/ q- j4 F
PR 7337320: Block in Drawing View will not be exported
( j$ G9 D2 C, Y) }2 |. [PR 7342543: Incorrect section view display
7 W0 a9 n, I9 i# Q- P+ KPR 7353124: Wrong dimensions in a Draft, when broken out section view exists
3 Q3 x$ `; \; e/ v) HPR 8253818: Material Table > customer properties cannot be retrieved e.g. in Draft
, s1 Y7 n! H$ c/ y9 d- zPR 7304635: Shaded draft view colors inconsistent( w6 k9 Y9 f. L3 w9 r2 g. G# B8 U9 {
PR 7360547: Repeatable ST7 crash in Draw In View
0 m# Q; [# X+ n5 w/ W' R: r  H
. T/ o' ^& \: O* R; N0 p# n# O5 n===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===
7 K, s5 K) l& T8 L7 J! p
+ L5 d, r( b% G7 ^PR 7339408: Cannot download the document message in open file dialog. g% G! b5 H6 ]' g
PR 7345683: File units change for legacy files in ST7
) H8 b. O6 u, Z& pPR 1996278: Unable to access edgebar features via API/ T0 j8 S9 h2 l& O6 \- V' V" D7 k
PR 7295029: Deleting a hole profile locks Solid Edge if relationship colors are turned on
7 O0 _; l" \1 @, t  m! k/ w' E% uPR 7325679: Creating a 3D sketch, Solid Edge will crash
: G' P7 s& \7 N# U0 @: T4 p) W* HPR 7340095: SE crashes due to NULL pointer access* H! G' f, m9 y0 W- V
PR 7340385: Solid Edge crashes if a feature has the same name as the solid body3 D: j" h6 p* f; J! w2 V0 k1 A5 X
PR 7356608: Dimension Type Feature Callout slows down the graphics performance
; k* J3 b8 O( K) I7 P; r" zPR 7357175: Hole feature changes geometry after editing the hole, that came via hole recognition
5 c7 z+ g7 r) \8 w% r4 n0 {' lPR 7175521: Part dimensions change after doing a save-as
% |& `( S5 M/ K1 G$ r( v! BPR 7298290: Unable to repair web network
' E/ N( j4 X0 O: P9 ePR 7309165: Profile side changes direction when editing variables
( q$ [" y' Z" ?8 B. x9 t* D) ^( L4 C  _2 T- m) v
===Translators===$ C0 y1 l7 h$ d- t! p! L$ P+ I

- v3 a/ C2 i; l& ~, WPR 1991712: JT with long PMI causes crash
. P7 Y5 z; A/ pPR 7234372: Problems to import SAT files to ST7MP2, regression against ST6
# V6 I8 }# T3 |' y0 B4 SPR 7294318: Document name Formula will not be taken in 3d PDF
( V) [) m% c& X# ^& O/ y5 pPR 7351253: Solid Edge Viewer keeps psm files within an assembly opened for several minutes
8 h! M6 }0 h. D, C* L1 }PR 7355757: Save as jt not possible - Insufficient error message# e+ P8 \1 i: @' t& H
$ ]% E, S! }' n: e5 G: U* Y3 E# C
===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===4 N" l7 C2 i8 i5 o3 c2 L# [- T
# l+ O/ _3 U. Q- a6 B4 l
PR 1997720: Cannot sync exposed SE dimension variables to SESP numeric columns 2 z, w% v* t5 s
PR 7172511: Pathfinder do not get update with the assigned numbers for drag n drop assembly% V6 k( m- S% ^( u1 `# N
PR 7221411: BrokenLinkLog.xml does not include Alternates when running from cmd line
( U+ ~* i- `* i; ]# H, zPR 7322191: Sync property values across part structure
: r3 v1 ^: k  d- o' LPR 7340397: Where Used on sub-part, Revision.Title values not populated
. w6 P* K2 e+ x9 d" YPR 8265581: Content Browser shows only Favorite and Site Name - expand not available1 p% L: l9 X( g9 Z' c/ ^
PR 6974655: Numbering used to generate SE Standard Parts is incorrect) d  c/ U0 I# N1 k$ A( `
PR 7332477: Shen the browse folder is accessed from WC or EC there is bad performance % g; ]" m* Q5 P% D: w  I* i- K- Q
PR 7346513: Doesn't handle the Title (German Title) column as required . C! J$ K3 E8 |! Z9 ~: L# y
PR 7346893: Workflow Action "Update Drawings" creates unnecessary tasks+ f- P8 r4 ?" D- b' D$ r

+ ~- Y, R1 }2 H6 b' P: u; W6 \$ \+ O===Solid Edge Embedded Client===
/ \0 _3 L) e4 Z, q" d2 x" M: C% M+ ~. g& p+ ]
PR 7283519: ASM occurrence property, Item Number are not being maintained from the TC BOM0 L1 d0 ^% g) F7 Y2 T
PR 1993522: Revision field is blank in CPD when naming rule used, F% W- A2 G7 `. ?8 J
PR 7186212: Doing SaveAs of a NX driven reference assembly gives a Tc rules error
7 E7 i6 \. d& s3 u  pPR 7244837: Mandatory attribute in Teamcenter won't appear in "Add to Teamcenter" in SE
1 X. Q/ ^% y* i& H- h, CPR 7324478: SaveAs copies ItemRevision name from source to new object in 10.1.3, |3 u1 A6 \+ z  n- m/ g
PR 7355261: Solid Edge Structure Editor not displaying the correct items 8 H# _2 `: N1 z& v! l. C: v
PR 7355760: Revise generates Partial Error
' h' X  t$ s" P0 FPR 7357577: create draft from model results in empty CPD- A7 h/ L. J: s5 V" T' T0 o- p
PR 7370456: Save as from managed draft does not properly do link fix up to new assembly
% q9 c3 m8 B! h; ]5 WPR 7287253: Takes a very long time to open assembly files in SE Structure Editor  N2 E5 t: G9 A! O  {8 B

" G. {" G: V# a& r---
$ t5 @( F# c7 @# M( ^4 tEnd * f5 s. C: S3 k
---! o: F. Z# e8 x' H7 K% O$ ^+ Y0 b
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Thank you very much ,soliduser !
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solid_user 发表于 2015-5-19 00:38 static/image/common/back.gif
) J7 _; Z' L' ^3 n! v" QList of fixed PR's

( H& S! m4 e, U  S3 N8 F0 J2 }# y多谢老大分享!
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谢谢分享 还是打不开solidworks 2015的文件
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谢谢提供Thank you very much
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