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Solid Edge ST5 MP03 Update & crack (by SSQ)





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Fixed PR's

This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:


PR 6809735: Solid Edge ST5 is missing dmcurve.h.
PR 1914096: GetReferenceToGraphicMember2 returns a runtime error
PR 1911992: How to add an extend surface to a selected edge


PR 1818449: STEP translator does not honor Cyrillic symbols
PR 1895023: STEP file imports differently when assembly template is used
PR 1898966: Assembly Features are missing in drawing views
PR 1913935: Solid Edge crash when selecting a SharePoint resource within the Parts Library
PR 1916698: Offset value is not maintained when editing assembly relationship
PR 1916969: Capture fit part placement will not automatically switch from Mate to Planar Align like ST4
PR 1918123: Solid Edge crashes after creating section view with hidden simplified parts
PR 1919026: parts are becoming fully defined when they shouldn't be
PR 2204078: Solid Edge crashes using Measure Angle
PR 6765034: Deleting parts in an assembly crashes Solid Edge
PR 6774771: When a relationship is selected it does not highlight graphically
PR 6783601: Assembly with simplified part crashes while defining pressure or bearing load
PR 6794074: Increased sharpness setting causing strange highlight
PR 6795685: File crashes when selecting face for assembly relationship
PR 6796478: Inserted image causes shaded model to be black.
PR 6798220: Refresh issues when dragging the timeline bar
PR 6798649: Not able to delete relationship during place part
PR 6806166: parts display like a mesh when modifying geometry
PR 6806302: Undo does not work for Assembly feature edits
PR 1919281: No possibility to open NX 8.5 prt-file in SE ST5MP1
PR 1921808: Imported Catia V5 using the assembly template produced incorrect results
PR 2210861: FlashFit showing a floating offset when a fixed offset is created
PR 6814458: Not able to Move Segment after certain workflow
PR 6814554: Replacing a part/assembly takes a long time or never completes
PR 1914588: Not possible to define MegaPa units for pressure and stress - Russian specific
PR 6808825: Solid Edge unstable after upgrade ST2->ST4 when using Propsync custom add-in


PR 1913120: Row order within a particular group is not maintained when manually changed
PR 1914540: V20 detail envelope caption text moves when opened in ST4 and ST5
PR 1918828: Problem exporting to paper space
PR 2205355: Trouble when Zoom and Pan are done in text input
PR 2205600: Changing Drawing View Style by API is strange when the views are made in V20
PR 2208005: The Caption of Auxiliary view is initialized
PR 6774435: Templates seem to be corrupt
PR 6795525: Tolerances not maintained after consecutive uses
PR 6801607: Symmetric diameter dimension is incorrect until view of force updated
PR 6802009: Problem with formatting property text
PR 1919964: Problem with Drawing View Styles
PR 2206199: Textbox is disappeared by "Fit to Content"-pattern2.
PR 1823728: Line type scale not applied on Translation to AutoCAD

===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 1916069: Etch on bend radius in flat pattern is not possible in ST5
PR 1918988: Attempting to open multi-body assembly after edit to multi-body part causes crash
PR 1919262: unlocked dimension in a sketch causes an abort during a move to synchronous
PR 1919317: Part (with fill pattern) crashes when making changes
PR 1921943: locked dimension changes value when geometry dragged
PR 2202008: Pattern component positions are wrong - behaves incorrectly in Assembly
PR 2206506: InterPart copy not operating as in ST4
PR 6794786: Ribs do not move correctly with steering wheel after copy
PR 1923823: Successful import of Inventor assembly on MP1 hangs and is incomplete on MP2
PR 2208479: Solid Edge crashes in Measure Angle or Minimum distance
PR 2210336: When "Multi-body Publish" is executed second time an error occurs

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